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  • MAIN
  • The development and production of electronic devices to order
  • Equip with electronic components and accessories
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards

  • The development and production of electronic devices to order

    LTD ICS-TECH performs full cycle development and
    manufacture of electronic products to order:

    preparation/coordination of technical specifications;
    the search for methods of solving the problem and compare with existing projects;
    development of technical solution;
    development of documentation;
    design of hardware and software;
    the design and layout of printed circuit boards;
    search and purchase of components;
    assembling, soldering and Assembly;
    configure and test the customer;
    the serial production.

    Many years of experience creating both standard and individual equipment allows the company ICS-Tech to offer professional services for the development of electronic products to order.

    For this the ICS-Tech is composed of:
    Resources professional staff

    The company employs more than 100 highly qualified specialists in different areas: developers, programmers, experts in the field of information technology, designer, designers, fitters, machinists, assemblers, Adjusters, specialists of the technical control and service. A powerful intellectual potential of the company's employees, and the use of the latest technologies ensures the implementation of all developments at a high level.
    Own production base

    The production area of the company consists of 3500 m2. Own industrial base allows to carry out the picking, mounting, soldering and product Assembly, and how to configure them and test. Our developments found their application in many branches of industry, transport, automation, energy, telecommunication systems, trade and other areas.Numerous direct contacts with domestic and foreign manufacturers provide the opportunity to ensure integrated customer all accessories and components. Manufacturing facilities allow to produce several thousand pieces per month.
    Test equipment

    Development of stands for testing of personal computers with large-scale production.


    The development and serial production of: cash registers, fiscal printers and fiscal modules, the taximeter, the indicators of the customer.


    Development of electronic devices for video information systems in moving metro trains. Car taximeters of various modifications, including a fiscal printer and allows you to print a receipt to the client.

    Equipment for industrial automation.

    Industrial controllers and other microcontroller devices designed and serially produced by the company ICS-Tech, successfully applied in the construction of many ASU (objects in South Korea, Russia and Ukraine)

    Equipment for audio and video industry

    Exhibition stands computer equipment in supermarkets. Development and implementation of electronic devices for video information system in moving trains. Advertising and information systems of supermarkets.