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  • MAIN
  • The development and production of electronic devices to order
  • Equip with electronic components and accessories
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards

    LTD "ICS - Tech" provides services for the development, manufacture and Assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB)..

    Our factory is equipped with modern production line for the installation and soldering of SMD components, consisting of an automatic printer for applying the paste "HP-520", installer of SMD components company "Mirae" and four-zone conventional oven "SMT 400/1.6". When small batches can be used printer-semiautomatic machine for applying the paste "SIM55_PC". Inspection of soldering is performed using a video microscope MAGNUS HD UNO".

    The list of services for installation of PB:

    -installation of single and double sided printed circuit boards;
    -installation of SMD components with a pitch of up to 0.4 mm, the chip components of all sizes;
    -installation of IMS in the buildings SO, SOIC, TSOPI, TSOPII, QFP, PLCC;
    -set any pin components;
    -implementation of works on preparation of production: design and fabrication of stencils (in agreement), the programming and preparation of equipment, tooling and other related work;
    -removal of flux residues (rinsing);
    -test boards mounted with the use of visual inspection systems.

    Complementary services

    -The possibility of using components from our warehouse.
    -Product Assembly in the housing.
    -Configuration and testing of assembled circuit boards.
    Conduct tests of equipment and of individual nodes with exposure to temperature cycles. To do this, use a heat chamber with a temperature range from -80 °C to +100 °C.
    -Fabrication and wiring of connecting cables and wire harnesses.

    Price of services

    -The cost of services for the development of printed circuit boards and finished projects are negotiated individually.
    -The cost of services for installation and production time depend on the batch, the number of components and the number of soldering points.
    -The price is calculated based on the number of rations for the PP, according to the number of parts and assemble the PP by the same name.
    -The cost of installing mechanical components, custom components and wiring is calculated separately.
    -The cost of dismantling of components is determined individually in particular cases.
    -The cost of other non-standard work is calculated separately.
    -Double-sided printed circuit Board is considered as two separate charges.

    A flexible system of discounts.
    For regular customers the accumulative system of discounts.

    Conditions that increase the cost of installation works

    1.Assembly of printed circuit boards without a mask
    2.Number of identical boards in one order less than 100 PCs.