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  • Medical and diagnostic devices
  • The development and production of electronic devices to order
  • Equip with electronic components and accessories
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards
    About company

    Company "ICS-Tech" specializes on the design, development and manufacture of electronic devices presents on the Ukrainian market a wide range of electronic items, and provides services for installation of electronic components.

    The production area of the company consists of 3500 m2, where it employs more than 100 professionals of different areas: developers, programmers, experts in the field of information technology, designers, designers, installers, fitters, assemblers, Adjusters electronic products, the specialists of the technical control and service.
    The performance of finished products can reach several thousand similar devices in a month, in this case the product we are able to complete themselves.
    In all production processes used sovremennosti and industrial equipment of such companies as: Siemens Simatec, Tektronix, Нewlett Рackard and only high quality components of world famous companies: AMD, Atmel, Dallas, Hitachi, Hynix, Intel, Maxim, Microchip, Motorola, Philips and others Powerful intellectual potential of the companys employees, and the use of the latest technologies ensures the implementation of all developments at a high level.
    The ICS-Tech performs full development cycle of electronic products from writing technical specifications to serial production products. We produce mounting of SMD and through-hole components, and on-demand) search and purchase of components, the development of PP, Assembly and adjustment of products.

    All equipment provided by the company "ICS-Tech", consistent with the high indicators of reliability and quality. The company has developed, introduced and certified the Quality Management System for compliance with DSTU ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015) and EN ISO 13485:2016.

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    Company "ICS-Tech" carries out warranty and post-warranty service, as well as technological consultations.
    The company offers a range of specialised equipment of own production:
    equipment for industrial automation (industrial controllers, TM Logikon", special-purpose controllers, modules, I / o, terminal modules, etc.); electronic fiscal equipment (cash registers, fiscal printers, portable ekka, external indicators of customer, fiscal modules, taximeters, specialized ekka for the gas station, etc.); professional audio and video equipment (switches, splitters, dividers images, cables, matrix switches, interface converters and other DVI, S-Video, SVGA and composite device); interface devices, programming, protection devices of telecommunication lines; diagnostic medical devices (professional monitor BP and HR,blood pressure); power supply devices and power equipment (chargers, inverters, stabilizers); the system of "Smart House".
    ICS-Tech is engaged in supplying equipment and electronic components:
    touch monitors EloTouchSystems;
    tools of the firm Fiton;
    the device power supply companies GeniusPowerи Meanwell;
    liquid crystal indicators AV Display;
    a piezoelectric YECElectronics;
    AC-DC / DC-DCtransformators MeanWellи ChinfaEl.;
    connectors and relays Tyco Electronics;
    small transformers Napi Mirra;
    himicheskie power supplies and batteries WellLink;
    the motors developed Rebeck, etc.