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  • Description: The blood pressure monitor BAT41-2 is an automated sphygmomanometer, which operates according to the oscillometric method, and is designed for one-time measurements and daily monitoring of blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR). Using a predefined measurement program, which determines the pressure monitoring intervals during day and night hours, the meter measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse for 24-72 hours. Results of measurements remain in memory of the device unlimited time. The ARIADA program allows you to visualize the measurement results in the form of a table and a graph. The doctor analyzes the visualized measurement data on a personal computer (hereinafter PC) and makes conclusions about the state of the patient's cardiovascular system. Also, visualization of measurement data allows to identify, if present, arterial hypertension. The use of the meter provides control of the patient’s treatment and allows the physician to make timely adjustments to therapeutic therapy. The meter is designed for one-time measurements and daily monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate in the clinical setting of medical institutions and ambulatory. The BAT41-2 blood pressure monitor is not intended for use in ambulances.

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    Manufacturer: ICS-TECH LLC.

    Degree of protection against ingress of water and solid particles - ІР20
    Radio interference level - group 1, class A
    Potential risk class - class ІІа
    Electrical safety class - Internal Power Supply
    Type of protection of the working part - Type BF with defibrillation discharge protection
    Operation mode - Long
    Ability to work in the presence of flammable anesthetic mixtures with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide - BAT41-2 meter refers to devices that are unsuitable for operation in the presence of combustible anesthetic mixtures with air or with oxygen, or with nitrous oxide

    General product specifications

    Rated supply voltage - 3,2 – 2,2 V
    Current consumption - 500 mA when pumping air, 1 mA in current time indication mode
    Average sound level - no more than 50 dBA
    dimensions - 92 х 51 х 24 мм
    Weight - 0,12 кг
    Life time - 7 years
    Warranty - 2 years

    Functional characteristics

    The pressure measurement range is - from 20 to 300 mm Hg
    Measuring range of heart rate - from 30 to 180 beats per minute
    The number of measurements, the results of which are stored in memory - of at least 600 measurements
    The duration of daily monitoring - 72 hours
    Data Interface to Computer Wireless
    Absolute error when measuring pressure - ± 3 mmHg
    Relative error in measuring the heart rate - ± 5% of the measured frequency, beats per minute

    Sterile product parts

    The working parts of the product are not sterile, are not implants and are not intended for reuse. BAT41-2 are intended for reusable, long-term use. Contact with the patients body is indirect, superficial, through the cuff material. Blood pressure monitor BT41-2 is not in contact with the mucous membranes of the patient.

    Use in the product of medicinal, human or animal components

    The product does not use medicinal ingredients.
    The product does not use human or animal components.

    Design features

    The blood pressure monitor BAT41-2 has no design features that in any way may limit its use or create special safety problems

    User Groups

    BAT41-2 users are:.
    - Specialists, cardiologists;
    - general practitioners;
    - middle and junior medical staff.
    The patients for diagnosing the state of the cardiovascular system of which the BAT41-2 blood pressure monitor can be used are healthy adults of all age groups, regardless of gender, disabled people. When diagnosing the state of the cardiovascular system in persons with disabilities in each case, the severity of the patient’s condition should be taken into account in order to avoid possible complications.

    BAT41-2 supply set:

    Electronic module
    Medium adult cuff
    Big adult cuff
    Batteries (ALKALINE) 4 ps. ААА
    Bluetooth module
    ARIADA software CD-ROM
    Operating manual