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  • Description: SDM3 monitor is applied for electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring by using the Holter methodology (continuous) record, by one, two or three leads in stationary and ambulatory conditions, up to 48 hours. A monitor is fastened with a neutral electrode on the body of patient in the monitoring mode. A monitor connection with a computer or device under the Android OS control for programming is carried out by Bluetooth. For processing, analysing and holding of received data it is used handy software with many functions.

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    download the latest version of "ArnikaSDM software" from developers site

    Technical Specifications:

    Number of bipolar channels – 1, 2, 3.
    Duration of monitoring – up to 48 hours.
    Data exchange interface – Bluetooth.
    Overall dimensions – 63х44х14мм.
    Weight with batteries – 30g.
    Capacity and type memory card – up to 2 GB, micro SD.
    Defibrillator proof
    Measuring range (pulse) – 30-240 beats/minute.

    Main characteristics of processing and analysis systems:

    ECG reading and viewing.
    Classification of QRS complexes by types.
    Analysis of disturbance of cardiac arrhythmias.
    ST, QT and P-QP segments analysis.
    Plotting of heart rhythm diagrams.
    Hourly analysis of the quantitative results summarized in a table.
    RR variability assessment, include:
    Displaying of the time, frequency and statistical parameters.
    Ability to compare various intervals.
    Ability to select the interval for calculation.
    Quality control electrodes monitoring in real-time operation mode (Real time control of the quality of electrodes installing).
    Ability to print out any fragment of ECG.


    SDM23 Set and Accessories

    Recorder – 1 unit.
    ECG Cable – 1 unit.
    Memory card – 1 unit.
    Card Reader - 1 unit.
    Blutooth module – 1 unit.
    Batteries – 2 units
    Battery charger – 1 unit
    Operation manual – 1 unit
    Software (CD-ROM) – 1 unit
    Case – 1 unit

    The new “PULT” application is developed for the devices under the Android OS control allowing quickly to program an appliance for monitoring by the Bluetooth channel.

    Possibilities of “PULT” application:

    record of patient card (full name, date of birth, growth, weight, sex and etc)
    setting of individual parameters of monitoring
    carrying out of functional EСG test

    Functions and possibilities of soft ware will increase.