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  • Description: The Blood pressure and ECG Holter monitor is applied for electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring by using the Holter methodology through 3 independent bipolar leads and blood pressure (BP) SIMULTANEOUSLY in hospital and at home within 28 hour period of time. Manufacturer: ICS-TECH LTD.

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    МThe monitors capabilities make it possible to get all data being needed for the most complete analysis of occasional cardiac arrhythmias, ischemic ST-segment changes, hidden forms of silent icshemia, QT interval, RR variability, the range of hypertonic and hypotonic changes, the blood pressure adaptation and correlation with ECG and vise versa. The Blood pressure and ECG Holter monitor using provides complete control over patient treatment and lets the doctor make corrections in therapy procedures in time.

    Technical Specifications:

    ECG Measurements :

    - Number of bipolar channels - 3.
    - Input voltage range - from 0,03 to 5mV.
    - Heart rhythm range - from 30 to 240 beats per minute (bps).
    - Relative accuracy range while measuring the voltage of ECG signal:
    +-15% - at the range from 0,1 to 0,5mV;
    ± +- 7% - at the range over 0,5 up to 4mV.
    - Relative accuracy range while measuring time intervals from 0,1 to 1,0 second - ± 7%.
    - Gain settings 0,5; 1,0; 2,0.

    BP measurements:

    - Measurement method - oscillometric while cuff pumping.
    - Measuring range (blood pressure): 20-280 mmHg (Millimetres of Mercury).
    - Measuring range (pulse): 30-180 beats/minute.
    - Absolute accuracy range: ± 3 mmHg.
    - Relative accuracy range: ±5% of the measured pulse.
    - Cuff inflation rate: 4 mmHg/second.

    General Characteristics:

    - Memory card size and Model No - up to 2 GB, micro SD.
    - Power supply voltage - from 3.2V to 2.0V ( 2 AAA-type batteries).
    - Current consumption:
    up to 3vA in the display mode;
    up to 400mA in the cuff inflation mode.
    - Low battery shutdown voltage - from 2.1 to 2.0.
    - Duration of monitoring:
    ECG and BP simultaneously - up to 28 hours;
    only ECG - up to 48 hours.
    - Embedded real-time clock and calendar.
    - Data exchange interface - Bluetooth.
    - Operating temperature range 10 – 35°С, relative humidity - 30-85%.
    - Overall dimensions - 92x51x24 mm.
    - Weight with batteries 120g.
    - Average lifetime - 5 years.
    - Defibrillator proof.

    Safe operation is garanteed by special design particulars and functions:

    - the Blood pressure and ECG Holter monitor is a device with an inner power supply being compliant to DSTU 3798-98, BF type electrical safety requirement;
    - the Blood pressure and ECG Holter monitor takes down the pressure in cuff automatically on exceeding its value over 300 mmHg;
    - the Blood pressure and ECG Holter monitor automatically pauses a measurement if its duration is more than 120 second and takes down the pressure in cuff;
    - the Blood pressure and ECG Holter monitor is equipped with additional means of patient protection which in case of single failure reserve basis functions of inability to reach the maximum pressure in cuff of 300 mmHg, confinement of measurement time duration by 120 sec and also fast air decompression from cuff once a measurement completed.


    SDM23 Set and Accessories

    Recorder 1
    Standard adult cuff 1
    Large adult cuff 1
    Lead ECG Patient Cable 1
    Memory card
    Card Reader - 1.
    Blutooth unit 1
    Batteries 2
    Operators manual 1
    AriadiCa software CD-ROM
    Carrying Case
    Shoulder straps for cuff fixing 1
    Straps for recorder fixing to waist belt 1
    Extension lead 1

    The new PULT application is developed for the devices under the Android OS control allowing quickly to program an appliance for monitoring by the Bluetooth channel.

    Possibilities of PULT application:

    record of patient card (full name, date of birth, growth, weight, sex and etc)
    setting of individual parameters of monitoring
    carrying out of functional EСG test

    Functions and possibilities of soft ware will increase.