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  • Description: BAT41-2 - professional daily monitor of ABP and heart rate with front-end interface of data exchange with PC and with software. Software ARIADA was designed especially for comfortable programming of device and for received data processing.

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    Manufacturer: ICS-TECH LTD.

    This measuring instrument is an oscillometric automatic device for single measuring and daily monitoring of ABP and heart rate which operates by oscillometric method. By means of preset program the device measures systolic and diastolic ABP and heart rate in the course of 24-72 hours. Results of measurements are kept in memory of the measuring instrument for unlimited period of time. Analyzing this data by PC you can determine a condition of patients cardiovascular system and reveal an arterial hypertensia if its present. Using of this measuring device allows to a doctor controlling patients treatment and correcting it in time.

    This monitor is intended to make single measurement and daily monitoring of ABP and heart rate of patient in medical establishments, domiciliary or at work.


    Fast and precise measuring while pumping.
    Mode of daily monitoring - automatically measuring of ABP and heart rate after specified periods of time with saving of measurements results, date and time of measuring in devices memory.
    Memory on 600 measurings.
    Wireless communication interface with PC - Bluetooth.
    Designed jointly with specialists of the Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.
    Technical characteristics:

    Pressure measurement range - from 20 to 280 millimeters of mercury.
    Heart rate measurement range - from 30 to 180 bpm.
    Limits of basic absolute error when measuring pressure - ±3 millimeters of mercury.
    Limits of relative error when measuring heart rate - ±5% from measured rate, bpm.
    Voltage of internal power supply which consists of two batteries, type ААА, - from 3,2 V to 2,0 V.
    Current, consumed by device from power supply, do not exceed: 500 mA at air pumping, 1 mA in the mode of indication of current time.
    Battery gauges pull-in voltage - (2,0 ± 0,05) V.
    Quantity of measurements which can be saved in memory - not less then 600.
    Daily monitoring durability - up to 72 hours.
    Communication interface with PC - wireless.
    Range of operating devices working temperatures - from 10 to 35°С,
    Relative humidity - 30-85 %.
    Overall dimensions of electronic module - 92x51x24 mm.
    Weight of electronic module with battery do not exceed 0,12 kg.
    Average life time - 7 years.
    In intervals between measurements the device indicates current time and it also has built-in alarm.

    Principle of operation of daily monitor BAT41-2:

    The schedule of measurements is setting by doctor by means of PC or keyboard of monitor. Current date and time are being set at the same time. The monitor saves this data in Flash memory. Using build in clock ВАТ41-2 automatically begins measuring of ABP and heart rate in accordance with schedule.
    This monitor operates by oscillometric method which allows precise measuring of systolic and diastolic ABP and heart rate.

    Designing this device we applied new constructive solutions and software algorithms which allow measuring of ABP and heart rate while pumping and to maintain constant pumping speed independently from upper arms of cuffs size. Air pumping stops immediately after detection of systolic pressure. This reduces time of measuring when ABP oscillates downward and also frees patient from painful sensation when cuffs over-pumping. When the measuring is over monitor indicates its results on display and writes it into archive in Flash memory where it stores for unlimited period of time. You can analyze the results by means of keyboard and display of the monitor or you can transmit the data to PC using Bluetooth and to process it in accordance with methods of public health ministry. The resulting reports are recording to data base and displaying as tables and graphics on monitors display (see a picture) and can be printed. Analyzing this data by PC you can determine a condition of patients cardiovascular system.

    Using of this measuring device allows to a doctor controlling patients treatment and correcting it in time.

    BAT41-2 supply set:

    Electronic module
    Medium adult cuff
    Big adult cuff
    Batteries (ALKALINE) 4 ps. ААА
    Bluetooth module
    ARIADA software CD-ROM
    Operating manual

    Safety of operation is guaranteed by constructive characteristics and functions:

    This is the device with internal power supply and it meets the case of the State Standard 3798-98, type BF; The device automatically depressurizes when pressure exceeds 300 mm of mercury; Next measuring is possible only in 30 seconds after previous measuring; The device automatically stops measuring if its duration exceeds 120 seconds and depressurizes the cuff; The measuring instrument is also equipped with additional patients protectors which do not allow exceeding max pressure in the cuff 300 mm of mercury and max time of measuring 120 seconds. If such protector actuates the cuff depressurizes and the device beeps.